Ebley Images arose out of a shared passion for the restoration of the Stroudwater Navigation in Gloucestershire, and a chance ‘mis-take’ of a view near the canal bridge at Ryeford. Somehow it seemed to encapsulate that quirkiness for which we around Stroud are well known!

More recently we have included new subjects around the Stroud area, including the classic Cotswold stone buildings of villages such as Painswick and the many mill buildings in the Stroud and Nailsworth valleys.

All of the photographs are taken and framed by us. If you would like to purchase one of the images, they can be provided in either a modern black frame or one of our restored wooden frames; they are therefore available in a variety of shapes and sizes. As well as mounted and framed prints, we also have a wide range of handmade blank greetings cards available.

Below and to the right are some of our favourite images. If any areas are of particular interest, please contact us for a larger selection.



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